We are excited to announce promotions of four PYATOKians! Rachael Davidoff, Anya Riddell-Kaufman, Ray Reedy, and Kevin Riley, Jr., have each demonstrated excellence in leveraging their passions and talents, embodying the values of the office, expanding their leadership roles, and contributing to the ongoing growth and success of the firm. Read on for more on their recent accomplishments and join us in congratulating them!

  • Rachael Davidoff, Senior Associate: Rachael has focused on managing projects for their entirety – from entitlements through construction administration – and advancing office adoption of technical tools and information management systems that elevate standards and training benefiting the entire staff. Rachael approaches each day with inventiveness, always looking for better ways to deliver multifamily housing. She recently guided the complex Avalon Pleasanton project – a combined 300 units of townhomes, garden apartments, and a podium building on a former nine-acre parking lot – on a rapid schedule through to building permit submittal. Throughout her time at PYATOK, Rachael has dedicated herself to special firm-wide projects and initiatives, including leading the office’s Equity Committee and organizing staff retreats, and encouraging policy development as a result of those programs.

  • Anya Riddell-Kaufman, Associate: Committed to the belief that housing is a human right, Anya is eager to address the Bay Area housing crisis, and values the opportunity to contribute to people’s wellbeing through the thoughtful design of their homes. In 2020, amidst the challenges and tumult of the pandemic and justice protests, Anya launched a virtual Friday Reflection Hour for staff as a supportive forum for healing, community building, and furthering the goals of equity, diversity, and inclusion. She also guided the development of justice- and equity-oriented additions to our Design Brief template and has engaged peer organizations in their equity work. Anya played critical roles in the renovation of Hacienda Heights, as well as moving the complex Caritas Center from earliest programming through completion, navigating a new construction typology while developing client and consultant relationships.

  • Ray Reedy, AIA, LEED AP, Associate: Ray is a leader in the office in environmental responsibility, and guides our practice with his work on the Sustainability Committee and on projects. In 2022, Ray pushed two projects –Mahonia Glen and The Village SFto permit review, and saw Mahonia Glenn into construction. He juggled multiple distinct roles while remaining consistent and collaborative, as well as meeting client and project needs. As a mentor, Ray provides his team members with reach opportunities and listens as he leads.

  • Kevin Riley, Jr., AIA, LEED AP, Associate: Kevin’s community-mindedness is evident in his high level of engagement both within and beyond the office, including with our Hiring Committee, at multiple levels of the AIA, and within his neighborhood association. He may well have logged the most miles traveled in 2022, managing Construction Administration services for The Randall in Healdsburg and Wilton Court in Palo Alto – to great client satisfaction. Kevin's hiring referrals and recruitment of PYAtalk speakers are assets to the firm, amplifying the advocacy for our work and mission.
Pyatok - Clockwise from upper left: Senior Associate Rachael Davidoff, and Associates Anya Riddell-Kaufman, Kevin Riley, Jr., and Ray Reedy

Clockwise from upper left: Senior Associate Rachael Davidoff, and Associates Anya Riddell-Kaufman, Kevin Riley, Jr., and Ray Reedy