Introducing Four Rising Leaders at PYATOK

We’re excited to kick off the New Year with an announcement of four new associates. Sam Postel, Janey Madamba, Kai Yonezawa, and Daniel Mason have demonstrated exemplary leadership at our growing office, bringing decades of experience to bear on dozens of innovative housing projects, furthering the mission of the firm and our clients, and investing in colleagues’ growth.

  • Sam Postel was first introduced to PYATOK as part of an eight-week interdisciplinary studio during his Master’s program at University of Oregon. Years later he would join the team and support many projects from their inception, including form-making for over a dozen buildings at Hunters Point Shipyard Block 48 in San Francisco, and following Jones Berkeley and Alameda Point Block 9 from earliest design through construction administration. Sam is an active participant in our Interiors Committee and a driver of the office’s mass timber research.

  • Janey Madamba, in her project management roles consistently transforms designs and community ambitions to realities beyond expectation. She recently brought Alta Waverly in Oakland and Tabora Gardens in Antioch to completion and is currently closing out Construction Documents for the 150-unit Hacienda Heights renovation in Richmond. Janey balances these responsibilities with her involvement in the National Organization for Minority Architects, including recently leading a panel on San Francisco cultural districts at NOMA’s 2020 conference.

  • Kai Yonezawa has been able to bring his passion for impactful urban housing to numerous projects, with a focus on construction phases. His contributions have been key to, among others, UC Santa Cruz housing rehabilitation and Casa Arabella affordable housing at Oakland’s Fruitvale Transit Village. Kai also supported St. Paul’s Commons from earliest stakeholder design workshops to the recent completion of construction. He has also contributed to our Sustainability Committee and weekly Skull Sessions. Earlier in 2020, Kai completed a six-month sabbatical in Japan restoring the family homestead.

  • Daniel Mason, who joined PYATOK in 2018, has over 20 years’ experience on a wide range of projects at all phases. From the outset, Daniel has led ambitious efforts including The Laureate in Berkeley and Hunters Point Shipyard - Block 48, a large mulit-familiy development on the Peninsula, and helped to bring Camino 23 in Oakland to completion. Daniel leads our Production Standards Committee and is the office ambassador on emerging construction technologies, giving presentations on modular construction technologies, Prescient, and Mass Timber.

Sam, Janey, Kai, and Daniel join other Associates Rachael Davidoff, Ben Harth, Gary Struthers, Dylan Versteeg, and Senior Associate Kim Suczynski Smith.

Our heartfelt congratulations to our newest associates – we look forward to your continued energy in shaping the future of PYATOK!

Pyatok - Clockwise from upper left: Sam Postel, Janey Madamba, Kai Yonezawa, and Daniel Mason

Clockwise from upper left: Sam Postel, Janey Madamba, Kai Yonezawa, and Daniel Mason