On Monday, Alta Housing commemorated the groundbreaking of Wilton Court Apartments, a 4-story 59-unit project on El Camino Real in Palo Alto’s Ventura community. Wilton Court’s groundbreaking is not just a construction milestone – it is a milestone for Palo Alto as it will be the city’s first approved affordable housing project since 2013, and is the inaugural project for the city’s new Affordable Housing Combining District. Furthermore, through a partnership with Housing Choices, 21 units at Wilton Court have been reserved for adults with developmental disabilities, creating further opportunities for Palo Altans to continue to live in their community. The project was carefully sited in a transit- and amenity-rich location and designed to deliver high quality housing to the most residents possible.

In a Virtual Groundbreaking video by Alta Housing, project stakeholders from former mayors, councilmembers, and City staff to development team leaders acknowledged the incredible collaborative effort that secured funding, responded to the community, and saw the project through:

In the video PYATOK principal Adrianne Steichen discusses the challenges of fitting a robust program within a compact parcel, while transitioning from a four-story presence along bustling El Camino Real to the quieter residential scale of Wilton Avenue. In addition to ground floor parking and gathering and service amenities, the L-shaped project creates a protected courtyard at podium-level. Terracotta and stucco cladding echo the vernacular of El Camino Real, while protected mature trees, all-electric energy, 100% electric vehicle compatible parking, and solar hot water and power form an impressive suite of sustainability features.

Many advocates made Wilton Court possible, not least of which are those vying for more Palo Alto supportive housing options for adults with developmental disabilities. Alta Housing features these advocates sharing on the personal significance of the Wilton Court project:

Congratulations to the project team and community on this exciting project! We eagerly await Wilton Court’s grand opening, slated for summer 2022.

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