Ray Tam, LEED GA
Associate (510) 465-7010 x130

With over a decade of architectural experience, Associate Ray Tam approaches every project with curiosity and a long list of questions. Utilizing design to solve problems and create impactful and memorable buildings is what gets Ray up in the morning. He believes the social and environmental impacts of a project are equally as important as the design. He has a passion for technology and is constantly seeking ways to improve the design process, whether it's through use of BIM or investigating the application of Generative AI.

Throughout his time at PYATOK, Ray has worked on all project phases across many of the office's multi-family sectors, including affordable, market-rate, and student housing. He recognizes that the architectural process requires the contribution of many, and the importance of balancing design with constructability. Having worked in advertising, marketing communications, and professional photography, Ray brings a dynamic multidisciplinary lens to his design approach. Ray evaluates a project's many aspects, whether data, numbers, programming, narrative, spatial relationships, color, or light and shadow. In his spare time, Ray volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, helping physically build multifamily projects throughout the Bay Area.

Pictured: Mesa Terrace Affordable & TAY Housing, San Jose

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"Simplify Constantly" - Jeff Immelt
Pyatok - Ray Tam, LEED GA