Anya Riddell-Kaufman
Associate (510) 465-7010 x128

Associate Anya Riddell-Kaufman joined PYATOK in 2016, drawn to the firm’s dedication to socially conscious design. Committed to the belief that housing is a human right, Anya is eager to address the Bay Area housing crisis through the design of multifamily housing. Having also worked for a small single-family housing practice in San Francisco, she values the opportunity to contribute to people’s wellbeing through the thoughtful design of their homes. Anya moved to the Bay Area in 2010 to study Architecture at UC Berkeley. At UCB, she became highly engaged with the student housing cooperative model of living. In an effort to deepen her understanding of architecture and culture, Anya spent time abroad in northwest and central west India studying sustainable community development.  

Anya's passion for housing and human rights extends beyond the profession to her involvement in various organizations that work for social justice and affordable housing rights. She is dedicated to the community process as a means of engaging residents in a conversation for sensitive and responsive design. In addition to her social activism, Anya enjoys painting and drawing. Her work has been shown in community art shows around the Bay Area.

Pictured: Caritas Center, Santa Rosa

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Pyatok - Anya Riddell-Kaufman