Janey Madamba
Associate (510) 465-7010 x135
Janey has over sixteen years of experience in high density housing from live-work communities to multifamily housing. Her experience is predominantly focused in affordable family housing and senior housing, encompassing both renovation and new construction. Janey has had the opportunity to work extensively on renovation projects including the renovation of several occupied affordable housing projects completed in San Francisco under the RAD program. In addition to her strong technical skills, Janey is adept at coordinating closely with the owner, city agencies and consultants, ensuring that all members of the team are informed and working toward the same goals. On her current projects, Janey has been deeply involved with construction administration, solving problems with and coordinating issues amongst the design, client and general contractor while keeping within timelines and budgets.

A life-long resident of the Bay Area, Janey is passionate about family, community, and the arts. She gives back as part of a modern dance group that conducts workshops for dancers with Parkinson’s, as well as working with multigenerational dancers. Janey conducts empowerment workshops for young girls in East Oakland and also serves on the Board of Directors for a San Francisco cultural center.
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"il cuore e' un capriccio serio. Se non lo assecondi. Ti riduce al calendario" - A.G. Lella

Pyatok - Janey Madamba