Chris Ard
(510) 465-7010 x125

Chris is a Designer at PYATOK, joining the office in 2016.  With experience in residential architecture and construction, Chris is committed to providing good design that is universally accessible, not dependent on zip code.  He enjoys multifamily housing design as an opportunity to positively impact individuals and communities through thoughtful design.  After earning a B.S. in Architecture from Texas Tech University, Chris moved to the east to pursue an M.Arch at Virginia Tech University.  A talented graphic designer, Chris enjoys the varied scales of design—from diagram to master plan. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Chris has had a variety of jobs over the years, including freelancing as a Graphic Designer.  Not without a sense of humor, Chris’s first business endeavor was a high school summer job he invented for himself:  “Dog Poop Cleanup Specialist.”  He designed flyers and advertised around town.  The business was a success.  Chris still enjoys graphic design in his spare time, as well as working in his garden, cooking good food, and traveling.

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Pyatok - Chris Ard