JonAnthony Floyed-Jackson
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JonAnthony is a Project Manager at PYATOK with 20 years of experience in the field of architecture.  He has worked in Washington D.C. and California on commercial, institutional, and residential design.  A Detroit native, JonAnthony approaches his work and life with an enthusiastic curiosity.  He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Tuskegee University, a school with a rich history of learning by doing.  The university was originally built by its attending students, and Tuskegee’s architecture program keeps this hands-on philosophy alive through student construction projects.  Adopting this approach, JonAnthony taught himself AutoCAD in the early days of digital drafting for his first job at a small minority-owned architecture firm in Detroit. 

JonAnthony views design as an opportunity to create elements, spaces, and moods that will uplift. Thinking carefully about how architecture can both positively impact and adversely affect populations, JonAnthony demonstrates a commitment to socially conscious design that extends beyond the building’s end users to the broader community.  A talented saxophone player, JonAnthony spends many evenings playing live funk/soul music with his band, No Lovely Thing.

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