Tyler Kirkpatrick
(510) 465-7010 x145

Hailing from Spokane, Washington, Tyler began his architectural career with PYATOK as an intern. Upon graduation with a B. Arch from Cal Poly a year later, he returned to join our staff full-time.  Tyler brings a passion for craft, detail and technology along with an appreciation for beauty and functionality.

Tyler’s interest in multifamily housing began in college. He is particularly interested in how subsidized and low-income housing can improve the lives of residents and be a factor in social equity. He also strongly feels that the multifamily housing type’s efficient use of land yields environmentally positive impacts. Excited to be in the Bay Area, Tyler is happy to be working towards a solution to our housing crisis.

Now a resident of Oakland, Tyler explores what the Bay Area has to offer:  hiking and rock climbing as well as more urban fare such as discovering new places to eat, street fairs, beer festivals, and outdoor concerts.

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Pyatok - Tyler Kirkpatrick