Sara Ghafar Samar
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Sara joined PYATOK in 2020, bringing an international academic background in architecture and urban design to PYATOK’s varied housing and mixed-use projects.

Sara earned a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Iran University of Science and Technology and an M. Arch and Certificate in Urban Design from University of Maryland, College Park. She credits her qualitative research of refugees near Tehran and UMD’s innovative Architecture and Community Planning program for developing her focus on community-engaged and -informed design. She agrees that “beauty is in the process,” and feels that the more designers get to know their project’s end users, the more the project designs shape themselves. Sara sees housing at the heart of a just society.

In 2020, Sara’s student work was recognized by AIA National’s Emerging Professionals Exhibit and the Congress for New Urbanism’s Student Charter Award. She also engages in woodworking and black-and-white illustration.

Pictured: Connecting Crossroads MArch project at Langley Park, MD (UMD)

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Pyatok - Sara Ghafar Samar