Joyi Larasari
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Joyi is making her full-time professional debut at PYATOK. An Indonesian, Joyi chose to study in California in part due to its “cacophony of culture and diversity.” She thrived at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as it aligned with her learn-by-doing nature. Joyi has long designed with a lens of social equity. Her thesis examined how carefully-crafted places could reverse trends of community displacement in West Oakland. She sees in multifamily housing design a way of providing people with homes and security at scale, while also bringing communities together.

Joyi completed her Bachelor in Architecture at Cal Poly in 2022 alongside a minor in Sustainable Environments. She enjoys dance, watercolor, and travel, in particular frequenting the forest huts of Bali with her family.

Pictured: Olafur Eliasson exhibit at SFMOMA

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Pyatok - Joyi Larasari