Sucharitha Yelimeli
(510) 465-7010 x156

At PYATOK Sucharitha has combined her backgrounds in single-family residential design and community engagement in the pursuit of functional and inspiring multifamily housing. She learned from her time at a small office the importance of careful communication and documentation in seeing a strong design concept through to construction. Her experience at the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) in New York introduced the importance of community-accessible design, and that people are the experts of their own lived experiences. She has long understood the significance of creating homes, and is now applying that appreciation to multifamily housing and the communal and shared spaces that support healthy cities.

Sucharitha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UC Berkeley. Off the clock she sketches, travels, practices yoga, and is teaching her cat how to walk on a leash.

Pictured: Bangalore rooftop sketch

Pyatok - Project image
Pyatok - Sucharitha Yelimeli