Radhika Dhekne
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Radhika practices architecture through a lens of physical and psychological health along with her commitment to academic mentorship, inspired by her graduate studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Her M.Arch included participation in UIUC’s Health and Wellbeing concentration and a two-year stint as a Teaching Assistant, where she oriented undergraduates to the fundamentals of architectural design and the tools and software for wielding it.

Radhika's design philosophy is rooted in the nurturing environment that encourages exploration and fosters inclusive discussions. Radhika sees design as an enabler - of creativity, for agency in sculpting our world, and in innovatively resolving multiple problems; socially responsible design grows from an urge to make environments equitable and just, and thereby stable and joyful. Her reverence for Place was reinforced during a trip to Northeast India, where she experienced an immensity of nature that has long inspired a local culture of mindfulness and respect.

Pictured: Recovery through Community – Transit Oriented Mass Timber Housing (M.Arch, UIUC)

Pyatok - Project image
Pyatok - Radhika Dhekne