Sejal Rathi
510.465.7010 x143

Sejal enjoys the multifaceted nature of design that creates continuous inspiration and curiosity for all who encounter it, and finds in it a field of perpetual learning and growth. She considers design for social equity to incorporate varying design goals and programmatic elements, based (importantly) on the needs of end users.

Sejal joined PYATOK upon graduating from Cal Poly, and brings experience designing multifamily housing at SCB in San Francisco and single family homes and ADUs at MS|Architecture in San Luis Obispo, as well as a quarter studying in Rome. Sejal appreciates the ability of multifamily housing to connect private spaces and lives with broader communities and the urban fabric.

Sejal grew up in Bangalore (India’s third largest city) and has grown up exploring dense urban cities around both India and the USA. She, thus, appreciates the Bay Area’s regional accessibility through walkability and public transit. Outside of the office, she enjoys watercolor sketching and the occasional Bollywood dance class.

Pictured: Antinori Vinyard, Florence, by Archea Associati

Pyatok - Project image
Pyatok - Sejal Rathi